My Story

I worked for over 20 years as a Practice Nurse, during which time I was privileged to treat patients to help them face some of the diverse challenges life throws at us all. What has always fascinated me is how our emotional capacity becomes a lens through which we see the world. It goes beyond our moods and outlook, and can widely affect our physical bodies and health in daily life.

In 2008, I became unwell myself, and although I worked in Western medicine, I felt unable to access the healing and help I really needed from only the conventional approach. I found myself turning to acupuncture as a way to help me cope with the adjustments necessary to live with my illness.

What I didn’t expect was how much the process of talking about my situation and receiving acupuncture relieved my symptoms, and it gave me an entirely new perspective on the world.

Curious to find out more, I embarked on the degree course to further understand this mysteriously wonderful process which, while subtle, gives differently balancing benefit on varying levels according to the needs of the patient.

I learned the principles of traditional East Asian Medicine and found their associations with the different causes of disease – Internal, relating to the emotions; External, relating to the environment, and Miscellaneous, relating to unbalanced lifestyle practices – which made a lot of sense to me. It not only reinforced a lot of what I’d noticed in my nursing experience, but enabled me to see just how out of balance my own life had become.

Now, as an acupuncturist, it is my intention to be able to use these approaches to offer new opportunity to others, whether their need is physical – i.e. musculo-skeletal, or emotional – needing time to adjust to changes and challenges in life, or even simply wanting to feel better. Anecdotally, this is a common response to those who receive acupuncture regularly, recognising that they feel “more themselves”, which, while highly relatable, is not always easy to describe in detail!

I invite you to make contact to find out for yourself how this holistic approach to treatment can help you, whatever your expectations are.