Acupuncture is a system of healing developed through centuries of careful observation. It is one of a number of practices that keep the body in balance to promote healing, well-being and relaxation. This means that it works well with conventional medicine, and allows the patient to take control of their health on not only a physical level, but emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Jo has over thirty years nursing experience, and can provide appointments at clinics in Churchdown in Gloucestershire. She offers a quiet, relaxed space in order to listen to symptoms, take a history, and make a diagnosis. Treatment is given through a supportive, confidential approach to enable time for yourself, reflection, and to identify specific health goals in order to take control of your health.

During appointments other techniques such as gua sha, tui na, moxa and cupping will be used alongside palpatory techniques in order to provide a full picture and feedback on symptoms, presentations and expectations for treatment.